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Eye Pads

Part Number SDS-16-
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Eye Pads
Remove tear stains without pharmaceutical antibiotics
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The pads are infused with eyebright that helps clean away the discoloration and colloidal silver inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause it.  Lavender refreshes the area.
  • Contain no pharmaceuticals or chemicals
  • Gentle, tearless formula
  • Safe for even the youngest puppy
  • Alcohol Free
  • Nothing to mix
The reason tearstains are so hard to eradicate is that they are a visible symptom of a deeper systemic problem. The most common cause of the redness is yeast infection (epiphora) which in turn is produced by bacteria. That's why, if you want to get rid of tearstains, it's not enough to simply wipe the eyes with a cleansing product, you also need to surpress and destroy the bacteria that are causing the problem. Eyewipes are unique because they are infused with colloidal silver, an antibacterial nano-particle that is highly effective at killing the offending bacteria while leaving beneficial flora and fauna intact.
Use convenient pre-moistened Eye Pads to remove the tearing residue from around a dog's eyes. Rub with and against the grain of the fur for maximum effectiveness. Please note that the pads will not completely "wipe away" the redness. By the time it's evident the epiphora has stained the whole hair, including the interior shaft. The only way to get rid of it (without bleaching, which of course is not recommended) is to cut away the stained hair. The Eyepads work to prevent the re-occurrence of the tearstains. When used regularly Eyepads will help keep your little guy looking his best.
Information on this page or website for any dog health or maintenance product should not be used in place of the advice of your veterinarian.  You should always check with your veterinarian before using any product for your dogs health or medical needs.
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In the interest of full disclosure we provide an expansive database of ingredient information on every one of our products. But we understand that if you're adding something to your dog's food you want to know even more; you want to know that it's both safe and effective. Just click on the links below to get detailed information on the ingredients of, and clinical trials relating to Eyepads.
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